Effective associate (compliant) R$ 660,00 R$ 790,00 R$ 930,00
Allied Associate (non-medical) R$ 290,00 R$ 310,00 R$ 360,00
Remitted Associates (SBC/ SOBRAC) EXEMPT
Associated electrophysiologists in training R$ 340,00 R$ 390,00 R$ 420,00
LAHRS Associate (compliant) R$ 660,00 R$ 790,00 R$ 930,00
Associate SBC (compliant) R$ 760,00 R$ 890,00 R$ 990,00
Medical student R$ 120,00 R$ 140,00 R$ 180,00
Resident R$ 390,00 R$ 430,00 R$ 530,00
Non-member / Member not quite (doctor) R$ 1.160,00 R$ 1.270,00 R$ 1.450,00
Non-Allied member (non-medical) / member not quite R$ 360,00 R$ 390,00 R$ 410,00
Companion R$ 210,00 R$ 290,00 R$ 330,00

Cardiac Arrhythmia Congress Registration Refund Policy

Confirmation of registration:

You can confirm your registration through the Congress website: – Registration confirmation.

Important information:

For tax and legal reasons, the receipt to which you are entitled, where the reason for the payment and its respective amount is described, will be issued automatically by the event registration system and only in the name of the congressperson, without the issuance of a manual receipt.


Evidence documents:

SBC remitted partners; LAHRS partner; SBC partner; residents; Students and Related Non-Socio (non-medical professional): Attach in the format (PDF, image and doc) in the registration area a copy of the portfolio of the educational institution with expiration date or declaration, on the letterhead of the educational institution with the signature of the person in charge, informing the period that is being studied.

In the absence of these documents, the registration will not be effective and the registration fee will be as a Non-Member.


Website Registration:

SOBRAC is not responsible for registrations that are not made by the congressman himself.

The receipt is issued only in the name of the congressman himself.

Before submitting your online application request, please check the chosen category as well as all the information provided.


Registration refund:

In case of unsubscribing from the congress registration, the congressperson may request its cancellation to SOBRAC, in writing, through the email  /  and will be reimbursed under the following conditions:

Application and payment until 09/30/2022, refund of 50% of the amount actually paid; after this date, he will not be entitled to a refund.


There will be no refund for delegates who register in the wrong category.

Only the congressman himself may request, where appropriate, the return of the registration fee.

The refund will be made directly to the current bank account held by the congressman.

Registration is non-transferable. If you are unable to attend the event, the refund will only be made within the timeframes determined above.

Refunds will be made after the event. The request must be sent within the term that contains the bank details (branch, bank and checking account) to the following address:

Emails:  /