Rules for paper Submission

There will be registration for the areas of:

1 – Clinical Case – Abstract
3 – Medical Area – Clinical Arrhythmia and Non-invasive Methods
4 – Medical Area – Electrophysiology and Experimental
5 – Medical Area – Cardiac Stimulation
6 – Allies

Abstracts must contain a maximum of 2400 characters including title, images and inserted tables. If the content to be inserted is greater than the allowed limit, the system will not allow the total inclusion of the content.

The languages ​​accepted for evaluation are Portuguese, Spanish, or English, however, the selected topics must have an English version for publication in the conference proceedings.

See below how the character calculation is done:

Job Title: 150 characters maximum (does not participate in character count)

Abstract, Tables, and Images: 2250 characters maximum (space is considered in the character count)

Authors: Main author and 10 co-authors, do not participate in the character count;

Images: To register an image you can insert an image with a proportion of 490×60 pixels. Note that there is the option to register 2 images. In this case the image width ratio (490 pixels) will be divided by 2.

Clinical Cases: The submitted clinical cases will be considered for presentation in poster format.

Deadline for submission: 07/01 to 09/12/2022 (no extension).